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    What is a virtual assistant (VA)?

    After signing up and completing an entrepreneur profile, you may proceed with your VA search with the help of our AI Match Algorithm and bookmark profiles you see fit with your requirements.


    Once you are ready to reach out to your bookmarked VAs, the upgrade is just 99 USD to contact and hire as many ladies within 30 days.


    Our meaningful matching algorithm is based on more than just skills and experience. We profile applicants based on preferences, aspirations, flexibility and training requirements.

    What kind of jobs can I give my virtual assistant?

    You can give your VA any tasks that can be carried out remotely over an internet connection. Most entrepreneurs or small business owners are looking for someone to take care of day-to-day administrative tasks and customer relationship management.


    This could include answering general enquiry emails, calendar management and meeting scheduling, research, bookkeeping, social media management. You can also look for an administrative assistant online with specific specialised skills.

    What hours will my virtual assistant work?

    The agreement about working hours and overtime is agreed directly with your VA. As long as you are specific about what you need, we will help you find a virtual assistant match who is able to work the hours you require.


    You may choose to offer your VA days off based on her local public holidays, or align with your local public holidays, as long as you are clear about the operational requirements of your business.

    Can my VA manage my inbound and outbound calls?

    If you require a virtual assistant who is able to make outbound calls on your behalf, be sure to let us know when you create your Entrepreneur Profile so that we can ensure that she has a suitable set up and environment that allows this.


    For inbound calls, you will need to be set up to allow for calls to be routed to your virtual assistant. It is possible but not a common request for most of our customers. We can advise on a case-by-case basis.

    Who manages my virtual assistant?

    After the interview and the trial period, you will be working directly with your virtual assistant.

    How much does a virtual assistant cost?

    You can hire a virtual assistant for full-time or part-time work. We recommend that entrepreneurs and small business owners work with their VA on a fixed schedule to make it easier for efficiency and collaboration.


    A full time remote personal assistant will cost around $600 USD to $800 USD per month depending on their level of experience and any specialisation you require.

    How do I pay my virtual assistant?

    Depending on where you are in the world, there may be different methods of payment available. Typically PayPal is the simplest and safest way to pay your VA.


    The final agreement on payment methods and terms are agreed directly between you and your virtual assistant.

    How will you help find me a virtual assistant?

    After signing up and completing an entrepreneur profile , we will match you to a suitable virtual assistant from our database of qualified, pre-screened applicants. Applicants are shortlisted using our meaningful matching algorithm based on more than just skills and experience. We profile applicants based on preferences, aspirations, flexibility and training requirements.

    What is Connected Women's fee for finding me a VA?

    Search is free and you can search and bookmark as many candidates as you like. If you want to reach out to any candidates, you will be promoted to upgrade to the Hire plan which is $99 USD for access to our site to search profiles for 30 days.


    Learn more about our affordable rates here.

    I just signed up! What are the next steps?

    Once you have signed up, please complete the Entrepreneur Profile which helps our AI Algorithm provide you with the best VA search results.