• For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

      Find a virtual assistant with the expertise and passion to drive your business success​.


      Connected Women has a meaningful matching algorithm that focuses on complementary skills, values, and cultural fit.

    • For Virtual Assistants

      Work with an entrepreneur or small business owner as a remote personal assistant from the comfort of your home.​


      Get access to resources and tools you need to build your career as a home-based professional.

      Discover online jobs in admin, customer service, finance, design, marketing or editorial work.

    • For Partners

      Work with Connected Women and support our initiatives to increase women's economic participation through self-employment, entrepreneurship, and remote work.


      With our partners, we aim to provide increased access to connectivity, technology, training and jobs for women in the Philippines.


      the largest growing economic force in the world isn't China or India – it is women” -Anita Caras, Consumer Insights, Microsoft​

    • About Connected Women

      Connected Women is a social impact startup dedicated to helping Filipino women find meaningful online careers working as virtual assistants for small businesses and startups.

      Helping businesses find affordable virtual assistant services

      We help entrepreneurs and small business owners find and hire talented virtual assistants.

      When you hire from Connected Women, you are helping us provide better career opportunities to thousands of women and their families.

      Why Filipina Virtual Assistants?

      Tackling unemployment with home-based career opportunities

      Connected Women provides virtual assistant training and online jobs to qualified women in the Philippines who struggle to find work due to location from suitable jobs, family commitments or lack of jobs available.


      We provide training, tools and resources to reskill, upskill or transition from corporate jobs to remote work careers.

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    • Else Vistisen - Else Vistisen Therapy

      Success Stories

      "I finally feel free to do what I really love: Helping people in pain and to inform, inspire, and bring hope to more people of a possible pain solution!​"

      Else Vistisen - Else Vistisen Therapy

      Amber, Davao

      Success Stories

      "Technically I work "for" Gina, but the way she asks for your professional opinion and values what you have to say makes it feel like you're on the same team as her. She strives to help you envision your role as a career, not just 'another job'."​
      -Amber, Davao

      Liza Rowan - Health & Vitality

      Success Stories

      "We work as a team, and honestly, in this digital age, the fact that we are in different countries really doesn’t matter.​"
      Liza Rowan - Health & Vitality

      Joyce, Pasig

      Success Stories

      "I've been exposed to the other side of the world where there are amazing people who aren't bound by traditional employment.​ I'm learning entrepreneurship by working with and learning from entrepreneurs. And I can work from anywhere!"
      -Joyce, Pasig

      Valerie Marin - PureVitality Nutrition Concepts

      Success Stories

      "I can focus on the important tasks that bring value and income to my business, and delegate all the small, time-consuming ones to my VA."
      Valerie Marin - PureVitality Nutrition Concepts

      Alexa Marra, Bulacan

      Success Stories

      "Avoid stress: traffic, bad weather, long commute, long lines and thinking of what to wear! I have more time with family. My employer believes that every one of us has potential to grow and doesn't treat us like employees but team mates.​"​

      -Alexa Marra, Bulacan

      Olivia Chiong - The Unbusy Entrepreneur

      Success Stories

      "As a working mother, with small children, who also runs a business, having a VA allows me to spend more time with my kids and less time working."
      Olivia Chiong - The Unbusy Entrepreneur

      Anna, Rizal

      Success Stories

      "Being in the customer service industry for more than 10 years, I have never ventured out of my comfort zone. My online job has helped me grow as a professional and learn new things. There are so many opportunities for growth! It's not just a job. It’s a career for me."
      -Anna, Rizal

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