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    Make Good Things Happen


    We recruit women virtual assistants in the Philippines, provide them
    with access to connectivity, technology and training, and match them
    with job opportunities with women-led businesses and startups.

    Work with us and support our initiatives that impact
    women globally.


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    Event Partners

    Connected Women runs events designed to empower and develop women – both those who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, and those who need access to training and resources to find meaningful, professional employment while being able to stay close to family.


    Make good things happen by joining as an event partner for Connected Women’s initiatives.

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    Programme Partners

    Your organisation can impact hundreds of thousands (100,000) of women nationwide, positively impacting our economy by allowing qualified women who are have less access to career opportunities due to location, lack of formal education, or family commitments.

    Make good things happen by sponsoring training programmes for Connected Women across the Philippines.

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    Technology Partners

    Reach out to hundreds of thousands of women across the nation to provide software, apps and connectivity that will elevate their careers opportunities, positively impact the country’s economy, and support women-led small businesses globally.

    Make good things happen by providing women with the latest, cutting edge technology, tools and training resources.

  • the largest growing economic force in the world isn't China or India – it is women
    -Anita Caras, Consumer Insights, Microsoft​

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    Aliza Knox, VP, Twitter Asia Pacific

    "Building close ties with each other, learning from each other, that's exactly the kind of community engagement we like to foster"

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    Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore

    "Seeing the energy in the room today, clearly technology will be able to help this group further amplify the impact they can have"

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    Mock Pak Lum, CTO, StarHub

    "Web 3.0 is all about crowdsourcing, it's about engaging the community, it's about ideas.


    I'm amazed by the energy that this group of women have!"


  • Partners We’ve Worked With

    We are proud to have worked with these top brands

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    Work with us and support our initiatives that impact women globally